MRI Lancaster testimonials

We want to provide the best service for you, so feedback is important to us. We enjoying hearing from our clients and how their opportunities grow into full and fulfilling careers.

Hiring Manager

Chemical Manufacturing

I have worked with Todd on a few occasions. I think the greatest thing about him is how thorough he is with his interviews. I think his interview is even more intense than the ones with the companies. He knows his stuff. Personally, I also appreciate the service he provides afterward as well. He went to bat for me when I had issues with being hired at another company eventhough he was not involved. That is serious character. Something I value highly.

Candidate/Hiring Manager

Director of Quality/Beverage Manufacturing

Linda is someone who I would describe as "good people." She is honest, conscientious and hard working and has yet to let me down, whether it be for my own personal job searches or in recruiting for companies where I have worked. Her guidance and counsel have been spot on time and again. Her industry expertise has made her a bellwether of developments and trends in the world of operations management. There is no doubt that Linda is in the top echelon of recruiters. Eminently professional and personable, Linda has been my recruiter of choice for 18 years and will continue to be my "go-to" recruiter for years to come.


Food Manufacturing

In my career searches I have worked with over 60 recruiters. Linda stands out in that select few that are truly a pleasure to be associated. She takes the time to listen, offer suggestions and make you feel that she is there to help. It is refreshing to speak with someone that clearly is greatly dedicated to her profession and helping others.

Candidate / Accountant

Industrial Manufacturing

It is my pleasure to recommend Pam Weiss who worked with me for the past several months in my career opportunities venture. Pam has been extremely professional and always able to assist and provide feedback as well as using effective marketing strategies to target the right candidates for the right business. She has strong business skills, solid marketing abilities and assertive communication expertises which makes her an excellent resource for professionals. I recommend her to support your business or your candidacy in looking for new opportunities.


Food Manufacturing

Recruiters like MRI Lancaster. have become as rare as the proverbial hens' teeth. Taking the time to get to know the candidate, understanding strengths and weaknesses, and working on getting the best opportunity are things that far too few recruiters do any longer. I realize how hard you are working and the extra effort you are putting in, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Manufacturing Manager

TE Connectivity

Todd is the absolute professional and has excellent insight into the job market and current trends. He is candid and honest, something I find very refreshing and appreciate. He is very responsive and always makes the career search very "human." If Todd has interviewed you as a potential candidate for an opportunity, I can guarantee you will be well prepared for the next step. I highly recommend Todd.

Director of HR

Food/Beverage Manufacturing

Ms.Gerz will make certain that she thoroughly understands your recruiting needs, the culture of your organization and any and all details such as compensation, relocation packages etc. in advance of presenting candidates for consideration. She will not flood you with resumes or waste your time. You can be assured that candidates she and her team put forth will match the qualifications and considerations you specified to her. Linda is a delight to work with. She has an upbeat, positive countenance and a delightful sense of humor. I trust her and rely on her judgment. I am certain you will have the same opinion after you work with her.

Hiring Manager

Food Manufacturing

Linda is a very high quality and respected professional that exceeded expectations. Linda's ability to be professional far exceeded the standards of her direct management and her clients/candidates are the immediate beneficiaries. Linda has a warm, personal and caring demeanor that is borne out of her genuinely sincere personality. Never too busy to go the extra yard, make the extra call, listen the extra minute or offer whatever support the situation required, she makes time for everyone.

Candidate/Hiring Manager/Plant Manager

Industrial Manufacturing

I have worked with several recruiters over the years, and Pamela is one of the best (if not the best) that I've ever worked with. She met with me several times to understand my background and experience, and to discuss the type of position I was looking for. Almost immediately she found a position for me to interview for. Though the first job was not a fit, Pamela checked in with me on a regular basis, even just to see how things were going. She was genuinely invested in finding a position that was a great fit for the employer and me. Pamela paved the way for a new position for one of her employers that she knew I would be perfect for. She guided me through the interview process, kept me updated along the way, and assisted all the way through the contract and paperwork. I am pleased to say I will be starting the job - which is a GREAT fit , thanks to Pamela. I highly recommend her!